My Thoughts

7 May 2018

Today was our last day to meet for the current school year. We had breakfast and were able to slow down and connect. Our final day to distribute will be May 11. I was able to purchase hygiene items for all 500 kids in SG. Those bags will go out within the next two weeks.

With the ending of another successful year, comes much reflection. When the end of the school year is in sight I ask God a couple questions.     1) Do you want me to continue? Since I have a bank balance left to start a new year, I will be back for 2018-19. As easy as that. 2) Do you want me to stay where I am or grow? I am still waiting on His answer to this one…

To date 300,000 meals have been served to @750 kids over the past six years and four months. That is a lot of kids who have had their lives touched by SG. I get to speak a lot about how and why I started Sufficient Grace. It is true, SG was given life from a comment from one little boy. It is paramount that I take no credit. I simply had an opportunity. I only have the desire to give food and love to these kids because God first loved me. I’ve heard it said that you can’t pour from an empty cup, you also can’t give from an empty spirit.